Line Rental and Services

Line Rental + Cheap Calls, Example Tariff

Switch line rental and calls over to Statcom and benefit from guaranteed savings. Enjoy 20-25% savings when comparing BT’s tariffs.

In addition to financial rewards: benefit from; short to mid-term contracts, single point of contact, no automated queuing systems and have you calls answered promptly by knowledgeable and efficient staff.

Below is an example of our tariffs. Remember our billing is done by the second with a 1 pence minimum call charge.

Below is an example of prices:

Line Rental Per Mth
SIP Trunks (per Channel) £9.95
Analogue Lines £12.99
Digital ISDN2 Lines (Two channels) £27.00
Digital ISDN30 lines (per channel) £13.50
On Line Call Management Free
Call Guardian Free
Itemised Bill by email Free
Premier Customer service Free

Analogue, ISDN2e and ISDN30e voice lines

For a small business analogue lines are still a cost effective voice communications option and a means to send and receive fax communications.
ISDN lines are still the main platform most business telephone systems use especially in rural locations where internet service is not stable enough to support SIP lines. Call quality with an ISDN2e or ISDN30e line will nearly always be clearer and sharper than a standard phone line and are still very reliable.


Fibre Broadband

When your connectivity is proving unreliable and speed of access is becoming slower with an increasing workforce, Fibre broadband will be the solution that provides consistency of service and speed. It is up to nine times faster than the original copper to wire network used for standard broadband.


Leased Lines

Unlike standard broadband connections, where you share bandwidth with others, the bandwidth on a Leased Line is exclusively yours. What’s more, the speed (or bandwidth) is guaranteed, so it won’t slow down, even at peak times. Add the ability to flex your bandwidth up or down, with prior notice, and the benefits of a leased line start to add up.


SIP Trunks

The latest telephone lines on the market are called SIP Trunks or VOIP Lines. These are telephone lines that are delivered and work over a broadband connection.

SIP trunks can be provided from two to a thousand lines as required. Additional lines can be activated in a matter of hours, rather than weeks as with ISDN, providing connection bandwidth permit
With SIP trunks you can dispense with costly Analogue or ISDN line rentals and replace them with a service that can cost significantly less.

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