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Call Management, Call Recording, Wallboards / Call Centres

Call Logging / Call Management will reduce call costs and increase telesales productivity, by enabling you to manage and improve the way telecommunications are used within your business. Our product will deliver a varied and comprehensive range of reports, traffic analysis and statistics allowing a unique insight into voice traffic flow and behaviour throughout your business.


Reduce Costs

Benefit from an immediate reduction in call costs.


Retain Customers

Enhance clients experience by answering their calls quickly and effectively.


Increase Sales

Drive sales/telesales productivity by presenting live call traffic data.


Discover Client Trending

Establish client habits and behaviour; optimize your business to meet their needs.


Improve Performance

Develop staff telephony and telesales techniques.


Detect Fraud

Expose and Identify potential telephone fraud in its infancy.


Display & Wallboard software

Can be used independently or as a bolt on enhancement to our Call Management & Call recording products. It will present real-time call data either on large monitors departmentally within a call centre environment, providing live motivational statistics, targets or limits etc or onto individual desk top screens for supervisors or managers.


Present Live Stats

View key factors of business performance at a glance.


Increase Sales

Publish call number targets and present progress updates.


Measure/Improve Performance

Track targets and drive positive change within your teams.


Monitor Alarms

Create alarm parameters for exceptional events and scenarios, enabling swift and decisive action


Call Recording

Call Recording can enhance your business by allowing you to deliver the best possible service to your clients. Streamline sales and order processing time and use call recording as a staff training tool to develop customer service techniques.


Dispute Resolution

Avoid costly & time consuming litigation, safeguard customer trust.


Regulation & Code of Practice Compliance

Demonstrate FSA compliance and compliance of other regulatory bodies


Monitor Quality & Performance

Review calls to ensure that clients have been dealt with professionally & efficiently.


Customer Service Enhancement

Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques.


Training Support

Use Call Recording to create a thorough and realistic training programme, keeping staff skills under constant development.

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